How to access the new research reports on Quotemonster

We have launched the first half of our new report formats on Quotemonster. Check out the new heatmap and benefit overview reports - login to your Quotemonster account, get crunching, then go to research, pick a benefit and explore the new, customer friendly report options available. 

We are delighted to offer new options to advisers who want research information that is more easily digestible for clients - but rest assured, under the hood, these reports are built on the same four factor research process that provides a value-based approach to rating insurance product. 




We would love to hear what you think so please send any feedback to


Quotemonster version 3.8.9b is now live!

We are excited to announce that we have made several improvements in the latest version of Quotemonster! 

Some of the major changes include: 

  • The ability to view bank and non-adviser company premium estimates in the benefit screen
  • Two additional report features have been added – Heatmap and Benefit Overview

The Heatmap Research report is a visual experience that quickly shows which features are better via colour-coding and single words

Hea Fair

The Benefit Overview Research report is another useful addition to your tool kit, for the client who wants a simple benefit overview with a “yes” or “no” to show what is covered


You also have the option of interchanging between these reports at the Research stage and can even default to your preferred option by clicking through to “Settings”, “Quote Settings” and “Default Research Report”



If you are interested in joining our zoom meeting on Thursday, 22 July 2021 11:00 am-11:30 am where we will be introducing and detailing these new features, please email us on

  • For Advicemonster users, we have improved the way Joint Assets are displayed in Appendix Two of the Statement of Advice (SOA)

Please note our next Advicemonster demonstration will be on Thursday, 29 July 2021 11:00 am-12:00 pm – please email your interest through to

The changes above should already be live upon your next login, however if they are not showing, please use our troubleshooting instructions below:

  • Refresh your browser and scroll to the bottom of the page to ensure you are on version Web v.3.8.9b


  • If you’re seeing a blue screen with our dinosaur munching away, please refresh your browser or push F5 on your keyboard

Happy Crunching!

FYI: How to quote Fidelity's Trauma Multi on Quotemonster

Fidelity's Trauma Multi Cover is intended to provide customers with ongoing cover for multiple unrelated conditions.

Trauma multi cover pays out a lump sum if the insured suffer from a condition named in the insurance policy, like a heart attack, cancer, stroke, angioplasty and more. Trauma multi cover offers the opportunity to claim for up to five unrelated medical conditions. Each individual claim will pay up to 20% of the total sum insured.

For further information on this product please click here

To quote Fidelity's Trauma Multi Cover on Quotemonster, click “Settings” and under the Trauma column, select Trauma Multi as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you’ve selected your product basket, click “Save” and “Close” and don’t forget to re-crunch your quote to ensure your premiums and ratings reflect your new Product Selection.


This unique product is quoted differently on Quotemonster to reflect 5 potential claim payments. For example, if you are quoting $300,000 total cover on Fidelitys software, you will need to enter 1/5th of the amount on QM - so $60,000 to match your quote.

Example mult

This method allows us to compare a premium and rating for Trauma Multi on Quotemonster, however if you have any feedback please feel free to send this through to

Quality Product Research: Proposed rating for Agreed Value Income Protection: Occupational Retraining


We continually review the ratings of all our benefits and have renamed “Occupational Retraining” to “Vocational & Rehabilitation Support”. Our intention with this review is to make clearer the difference between the features in readiness for more detailed research reports that are in development. Better describing the current variations and recognising that early intervention has the ability to prevent a client’s disability from escalating further and reduces more severe complications that may lead to a long-term claim – a positive outcome for the client, insurer, and employee.

Please find our proposed sub-items below.

Proposed sub-items 



The monthly payment limit differs between insurers, however the necessity to offset is a similar feature. The major insurers (aside from Fidelity) offer coverage for Childcare Assistance, which is likely to be claimed more often than some of the other expenses. Partners Life receives a deduction for “benefit not available for all payment periods” as they do not offer their “Vocational and Retraining benefit” for payment periods which are less than 2 years. Similarly, AIA reduces their monthly payment to 6 months with 1, 2 or 5 year benefit periods. Fidelity is the only insurer that will not pay out the full benefit until the insured has returned to paid work (minimum of 20 hours). AIA, ASB and Partners Life are the only insurers that clearly offer assistance either during or after the waiting period - an important feature, as early intervention can significantly affect the length of a claim. 

Your feedback

We value getting your feedback on how these wordings are being applied to claims you may be aware of. Please email us with details of any recent claims to help us update our understanding.

Doreen Dutt, Research Analyst, Quality Product Research Limited,

Quality Product Research: Proposed rating for Agreed Value Income Protection: Rehab and Home Modifications


Following on from our previous post on “Vocational and Rehabilitation Support”, we have also reviewed “Rehab and Home Modifications” and renamed the item to “Home Modifications and Equipment”.

Please find our proposed sub-items below.

Proposed sub-items



The biggest variation can be seen in the monthly benefit limits. AIA and ASB have limited their payment to 6 months while Partners Life uses a tiered approach (the monthly payment reduces in line with the payment term).

Your feedback

We value getting your feedback on how these wordings are being applied to claims you may be aware of. Please email us with details of any recent claims to help us update our understanding.

Doreen Dutt, Research Analyst, Quality Product Research Limited,

Quality Product Research: Medical - major review process commenced for Medical Amount Scores (feedback closure 30/06/2021)

Following on from our correspondence in mid-April, if you wish to submit any feedback or claims experience to assist us with our review on Medical Amount Score, please do so by 30 June 2021. We appreciate the feedback we have received so far and look forward to creating a new model which will also be posted for feedback in the next few weeks.

Quality Product Research - Quotemonster Demonstration

We have scheduled a Quotemonster Demonstration with Kelly on Monday, 21 June 2021 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

In this introductory session, we will go over the basics of using the website including: 

  • How to directly compare two insurers for replacement business (Head to Head) 
  • How to add banks and non-adviser companies to your Research comparison 
  • How to find older policy documents 

...and much more!

All Industry members are welcome to join this session. 

Furthermore, here’s a short promo video we recently created highlighting the reasons why all advisers should be using Quotemonster

Please register your interest by emailing 

Happy Crunching! 


Quality Product Research - Update to QPR's Outsourced Provider Statement

We have updated our Outsourced Provider Statement with a new section titled 'Conflicts of Interests'.  Like advisers, we must be transparent about where our revenue is generated and declare any interest conflicts. 

We have included the update below.  To access our complete Outsourced Provider Statement, sign on to Quotemonster and select 'About' from the dashboard.

Conflicts of Interest

We place a high value on our reputation for independence and the transparency of our research. In 2021 it is expected that we will receive revenue from between 150 and 200 organisations covering between 1,000 and 2,000 users of the service. The largest will contribute no more than 8.5% of our revenue. The top ten clients will contribute between 2.5% and 8.5% of revenue each. The revenue from insurers with current product offers rated in the system will be less than a quarter of our total, spread across the market. Because our revenue sources are diverse, we have no significant incentive to prefer one insurer over another - our research rating and process are transparent, so any perceived bias is quickly picked up by advisers and insurers and challenged.


Quality Product Research: value-based research supports evidence-based advice

We have recently had an influx of new users register on Quotemonster and would like to take the time to re-introduce our Research and Rating Methodology.

We think that using real-world data to make our research value-based makes it a lot easier to see which features and benefits really count, and which are just bells and whistles.

Our Four-Factor Research includes:

  1. Definition – the quality of the policy wording

In our definition score, we are purely looking for differences between policy wordings but will use the same sub-items across products (e.g., Agreed value, Indemnity, Loss of Earnings). We start with a score of 100 and usually make deductions according to restrictions and limitations in cover. Our approach differs for “Exclusions” as these take away from the policy so you will see this as a negative total score. A variation of this approach is also used in our rating for “Offsets.  

  1. Incidence – How likely the benefit is to be claimed

We collect data from re-insurers, statistics, underwriters, and medical experts to identify how likely each benefit will be claimed on.

  1. Amount – How much would be paid

Here we identify how much each insurer will pay. In trauma insurance, some companies pay the full benefit for an item, others only make a payment of 10% or 20% of the sum insured because the condition was not severe enough to warrant a full payment. Our score is varied according to how much would actually be paid. For some benefits, we create a claims scenario to determine the amount paid as it is not as clear-cut.

  1. Frequency – How often the benefit would be paid

Here we determine if a claim can be made more than once. A client can only claim on life insurance once, therefore the frequency will be 100% however this is less clear-cut for Medical which is where we create a claims scenario that will reflect multiple claims over a lifetime of the policy.

We then multiply the four factors to obtain the Insurance Quality Score that you will see on Quotemonster.

Definition x Incidence x Amount x Frequency = Insurance Quality Score

Also, we don't so this alone. We take advice - from a variety of expert sources below, and also from regularly engaging with advisers and insurers. In fact, we are running two consultations right now, and receiving input from reinsurance research to update our trauma claims incidence rates. We support an evidence-based approach to advice. 

Methodology add on v1

If you would like a one-page explanation of why methodology matters please email or call the team and we can send you the methodology info-graphic. If your team has new staff members (or any that would like a refresh), we can invite them to our regular Quotemonster and Advicemonster training sessions (attendees include Insurer Product Managers and various other Industry members). Please feel free to email through contact details of those who are interested in attending ( 



Pop-up error on Quotemonster? Change your Ad Blocker Settings

Some of our users have recently encountered the pop-up error message below when logging into Quotemonster - and this is the fix: changing your Ad Blocker settings. 


Recent updates to Chrome have automatically added an AdBlock feature to your browser which would need to be deactivated to resolve the issue. 

Please find instructions below on how to disable this feature for our website only. 



If you continue to experience issues please do not hesitate to contact the Quotemonster team directly.