Warriors Doctor Pushes for More Defibrillators in NZ

John Mayhew, the Warriors doctor has spoken about about the need for more defibrillators in New Zealand. After suffering a cardiac arrest himself recently Mayhew is pushing for heart health awareness by become a spokesperson for HeartSaver. Click here to read more.

Also, there is a real risk that for lack of knowledge you could be trying to help someone and not know that a defibrillator is within easy reach of you. Be prepared, download the AED app for your smartphone and you'll be one click away from knowing where to look. When I installed the app I was surprised to find one just 100 metres away from where I work. 

Friday Fun: All Blacks, by the numbers

Just how good is the current All Black side? The Economist can be relied upon to hunt down a quantitative answer, so if you want to know the win/loss percentage against any tier one side versus the All Black (at a neutral ground) then you should take this article as your starting point. I say starting point because it links to an even more detailed stats website focused on rugby if you wish to lose the better part of next week to the subject. 

But if you want to know how the All Blacks got this way, especially when you want to see how it came to be from an outsider's perspective, then you should take in this long article which covers the game from a grass-roots training and development perspective

Steve Hansen: Once is a Mistake, Twice is a Choice

Steve Hansen is reported to have said that 'once is a mistake, twice is a choice.' It is entirely possible someone else said this first. It is simply too good to be recently coined. But I like that I can quote Steve Hansen. This applies to the shape of your business.

The point is this: If you've been in business 20 or 30 years then the sum of all your choices has largely determined how your business looks. There are other factors, to be sure, the environment, and where you started: the skills you began with, and so on. It is fair to recognise that some people show up to the starting line with good health, great education, and a full head of hair. Some get there just by the skin of their teeth with no advantages. But the more choices you make the more you are responsible for where you are.

Those things you aren't doing: robo-advice, online marketing, educational programmes at the local college, cool fundraising ideas with charities, new qualifications, new ways of giving advice, opening up new markets. Those things have to be chosen by you. If you are wondering why, in spite of all your wishes, and the fact that some goals have been on your to-do list for a long time, you still haven't done them, you may need to figure out what it is about you that is stopping you. Fear is often one. Unconscious bias is often another. Finding them and owning up to them is important. 

Partners Life's Simon Fisher - Charitable Fundraising

Partners Life's SImon Fisher is running ultramarathons to raise $250,000 for the Mental Health Foundation. Here's a report from Simon's latest epic:

"This is progressing really well and it is amazing what you can achieve with regular training and doing events. I am continuing with my weekly runs with Aaron in Riverhead and have just completed my 3rd off road marathon since late March last weekend where I completed the Double Rainbow trail run, at Rainbow Mountain out of Rotorua which included 4 climbs to the summit (in the foreground of this photo), which turned out to be just under a 47.5km run and took me 8 hours to complete. The really good thing is the body held up really well and considering it is the furthest distance I have run in over 3.5 years I was stoked to finish it feeling really good and not having any issues. To be back at this level of fitness is fantastic as just over a year ago I didn’t know if I would be able to complete these distances again!"

Go to Simon's fundraising page and make a donation. Link.

Friday Fun

Peter Mensah, now head of distribution at Fidelity, recently hit 100 holes of golf in a single day as a charitable promotion for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand. He shared with us this report, including the stats, from what was obviously a big day:

"Well I did it! (and for the last time too!) Thanks you all very much for your support, it really was appreciated. Those of you interested in the numbers:

Total shots – 508
No. of pars – 27
No. of birdies – 2 (so many close shaves though!)
Time taken – 10hrs and 45mins (a record for us)
Pairs of socks - 3
Total funds raised (including pledged but not yet paid) - $6,116
Total funds raised by LBC - $119,336

My feet, legs and back took a few days to recover but it was worth it. Once again, thanks for sponsoring me and rest easy knowing I won’t come begging for money again (for this particular exercise anyway!)."



Explore the Shore

I've just been given a little slip of a book: "Explore the Shore Volume Three - Kaipatiki Area" already I love it. There are so many bush tracks around here, plus coastal walks provided you keep half an eye on the tide timetable, it's fantastic. Introduced to the first of these through a trail run the weekend before last, I am now thoroughly hooked. We rane at least 11 kilometres (it felt like a lot further) at least 90% of it on bush tracks, and we met only three people. Yet we never left our well-populated suburbs. Hat tip: Aneel Ravji.