Covid-19 vaccines are effective

With billions of people vaccinated around the world we are now getting some robust numbers about vaccine effectiveness - which is very good - the following chart, using US data, shows powerfully that vaccination has reduced death rates from Covid-19 substantially. This from Our World in Data project on Covid-19 data tracking:

The United States has fully vaccinated 58% of its population, mostly with the mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna. Mortality data by vaccination status is published by the US CDC. This chart presents the COVID-19 death rate among unvaccinated people and among fully-vaccinated people. You can click the “Change age group” button on the top-left to explore data for a specific age group.

For more information about the effectiveness of vaccination please do go and check out the whole article on Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status available at this link (including a nice simple example, suitable for sharing to non-stats people, about the base rate fallacy):

Also, their wider work on covid-19 vaccinations is very helpful and may be a useful resource if you want to share data with vaccine hesitant people that you come across.


My Covid Record: site details and reminder to get vaccinated!

The Ministry of Health has the new My Covid Record site is up in beta. The purpose is to provide a portal to obtain vaccine evidence currently for travel, but later for mass events such as concerts. I managed to set up my account in about ten minutes - it helps if you already have a RealMe login.

It is also an opportunity to provide a reminder that getting vaccinated works to reduce the transmission, serious illness, and death from COVID-19. I'm vaccinated and everyone I know has had at least the first jab, if not both. If you haven't or you know anyone - often young people who have only recently been allowed to go an get the jab - who hasn't got around to it yet, do help to spread the word. The more of us that can get it, that do get it, the easier life will be (including for those few who cannot have the jab due to medical reasons). Link to the site here:

Insurers interested in how digital health records development is going should definitely take note of this. It is likely to be the same or similar registration process.

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